Welcome to A cup of TEA - A diary in memoy of the forest. A 26 page comic about the enviorment, global warming and loss of biodiversity. Well it is more that that, it is also a comic about us humans, how we have developed and changed trough the years, and about the work we need to do to make a good future. The first idea for this comic was to let it run for a full year, but half way I wanted to show how hard it is to save something. And gave the reader about a month to say they want another half year. But saving something is hard also when it is easy. So how do we then save something we know little about. The life on this planet is under presure and a lot of diffrent plants, animals, insects, fish and marine life is red listed. How we use our knowledge and what we have learnded to save it is up to us, the humans. Or do we let it fall trough our hands like sand, and lose it forever?

In my 26 weeks diary I have tried to give some insight to the world we live in, showing some ideas and problems, and maybe also clues scientists have found to how we can do something with it. I hope that this document both in comic and text can be to inspiration for others who passes by in the digital world.

All the best for you the reader and the world around us.
And a good green future!

Tor Harald Blom


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