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A cup of TEA - Diary in memory of the forest.
Research: #25 - A look at the FUTURE.
Date: 14. June 2008.

We do not know how the future will be, but we have some ideas of what people and companies around the world is working on. We know that technology will be smaller, and our world will not be one were we see or think of it as today. But how far and how much we don´t know. Internet was something that nobody did think of before the saw the need for a system to communicant within scientific research. But new ideas that has come to create a better and more eco-friendly world, on the picture you see:

Wind mill towers, a new way to make wind mills that use more of the energy of the wind.
Dragons for big ship, they can now save 20% energy using a dragon and the wind to move big ships.
Wave/sea-craft: they have now found a way to get energy out of the waves, think of all the waves. And big cities nearly always is near the sea.
Airships, with the combination of new technology, digital navigating and solar power, airships will in the future get it´s new era.
Re-growing of jungle and forest, we know that the big storms that come into the US now has been harder because the loss of rain forest to hold on water and clouds. Hopefully soon there will be some understanding of keeping a re-grow program to save nature and get an end to the big storms.
Also use of direct sun can be used in re-grow areas to bring shadow to the land, and to gain solar power.

I hope that the good ideas that can be of help and bring the world back on a right track will come before it is to late.

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