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A cup of TEA - Diary in memory of the forest.
Research: #23 - A look at the FUTURE.
Date: 31. May 2008.

So what do you think the future will be?
In June and July A cup of TEA will look into the future to see how we can change it to be a better place for man and nature.

In this image abow you see how the big city might be in the future. I am going to tell about the different things you see in the picture her.

The green city: It is something that architects is speaking about now, making the city into a forest. I have heard thoughts that they in New Youk are going to plant one million trees. Trees and plants in the city is good for the enviorment, it store CO2, it clear the air and it produce oksygen for us. Also it got an impact on how people feel, if we see green plants it helps us be more relaxed and happy. Designers has come up with ways to make plants grow on walls, but mainly it will be in the streets and on the roofs of buildings that will be planted. So in the future, your city might be a jungle also.

Air ships: In the past airships has been problematic to fly. But in the future we might see that it will get a new wave. Airships that is controlled with computers will make it easyer to use, also the energy you need to keep it in the air is also less. New ways of flying, and new types of engins is also something scientists and designers all over the world works on. So this is an area where we will see a change in the near future.

Windtowers: In Sweeden they have found a new way to make windmills, it is calle windtowers, and it is something that we will see on top of buildings in the city and other places to. It looks as if they might be better and they make less noise and birds will be able to fly in the area without getting cut in two. That is a problem with todays windmills, and has killed a lot of birds.


References to this page you will find on the Indept. Information page.